Legal pot makes myself and others believe everything is going to be okay

After several years with the same person, all of us came to realize all of us had a toxic relationship, but it’s not that all of us hated each other, all of us were still the best of friends…

  • However, all of us were codependent, plus truly exhausting for a single another in a lot of unusual ways! Collectively all of us have put on more extra pounds in the last several years then I have saved money.

Literally, all of us have put on over a hundred pounds between us, plus I have less than that much money in the bank when all of us broke up! After that I knew I needed to get my body into shape, plus my mind sharp again, so of course I went right to the legal marijuana dispensary… Then what, you thought I said I was going to go to the gym, heck no, the legal pot dispensary is where real life fluctuations get made! The thing about legal cannabis, plus some CBD products, is that it helps you to relax your mind, step away from the stress plus strife, plus focus on yourself. Then you want to get back in touch with who you honestly are as a person, spend a few hours with some powerful recreational marijuana plus see what happens… Drinking booze will make you depressed, maybe even miserable, however legal pot will make you believe that everything is going to be okay. And you guess what? It will be okay! The next step will be to try plus get in better shape, however for now I’ll stick with legal pot because as the singer said “but first take care of your head.”


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