My friends and I loved a special lunch made from the cannabis plant

Not many of weeks ago, I took a building company job on the outskirts of town, however the owner of the corporation wanted to transform an aged building into a brand new cafe; I quote the job low, because I thought it would be a fun and interesting opportunity.

It was my first occasion to legitimately remodel something and renovate it with my own style.

The cafe owner was filled with ideas, however he let myself and others go wild with my imagination, but after I started the project, I found out that the cafe was going to serve cuisine made from cannabis, then every dish at the cafe featured the cannabis plant in some way, shape, or form. I thought it was legitimately exciting and I was even more blissful to put my mark on the building after healing the news. I use cannabis every single day. I don’t advertise this to any of my clients, although I definitely shared the information with the steakhouse owner. I told him to let myself and others know when they have the grand opening. I wanted to be on the guest list! Sure enough, 2 or three weeks after I finished the job, I got an invitation to attend a special soft opening a few days before the grand opening. It was a small group of people and the two of us got to sample all of the cannabis cuisine. It was a beautiful night of fun. I know this guy is going to have a steakhouse full of people every night. Each a single of the signature dishes was carefully prepared with the finest ingredients and only the best marijuana products.
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