My mom was parked outside the cannabis shop on Tuesday morning

My mom has been in a particularly good mood the last couple of months.

I told my sister that something is different and new, but she didn’t believe me.

My mom has been a little depressed and sad since my dad died. Lately, she has been more outgoing and sociable. She went to play bingo with a couple of friends last Saturday night. My mom hasn’t left the house to play Bingo since my dad died. I called my sister and I told her that something is definitely different about Mom. She still thought I was crazy, but now I absolutely know it is true. On Tuesday morning, I saw my mom’s car parked outside the cannabis shop. I usually go to work on Tuesday, but I had an appointment with a new doctor. The new doctor is right across the street from the cannabis shop. I pulled into the parking lot and I saw my mom’s car across the street. At first, I thought I was mistaken. Instead of getting out of the car to go to the doctor, I decided to drive across the street to see if it was actually my mom’s car. When I saw the sticker in the corner of the window, I 100% for sure knew it was my mom’s car at the cannabis shop. It’s no wonder my mom has been in such a good mood lately. I’m really glad that she has taken some proactive steps to feel better and more mentally fit. I’m not going to share the information with my sister. My mom can tell her when she chooses.

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