New cannabis strains are always available at local dispensaries

If you’re an alcohol drinker, it might seem like there are more options available than there really are.

Unless you’re buying one form of liquor over another because of taste, most alcohol gives you the same buzz. The only variation I’ve found is with how fast it takes for this buzz to kick in. Hard liquor is quicker but doesn’t have the same full body effect on me that I feel from high quality craft beer. Wine feels like it’s somewhere in between if I don’t manage to get a headache first, but that’s probably because I prefer beer if given the choice. I might buy one brand of beer over another one week, but they will both affect me similarly if they have the same alcohol content. Cannabis is different for me, especially since there are three different strain categories before you get to the individual strains themselves. They’re typically categorized as sativas, hybrids, and indicas. On one end you have sativas that are often more mentally stimulating and cerebral, and on the other you have indicas that are more calming and sedating. Hybrid strains are combinations of sativas and indicas that produce effects of both simultaneously. If you produce a hybrid that has minimal indica traits leftover from its parents’ genetics, it could be classified as a new sativa instead of a hybrid strain. Thankfully there are always new strains to try at local cannabis dispensaries. Like many others, I like to use sativas in the mornings and afternoon hours, hybrids in the early evening, and indicas right before bed. If I use an indica during the day, I might get so tired that I need a nap.


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