New job at the dispensary has some cool perks

I lost my job when the business had to shut down because of the quarantine.

I was unemployed for 5 months and then I started putting applications into several different places.

One of the places I applied was a medical marijuana dispensary.I was surprised when I received a call from the dispensary. The manager wanted to bring me into the building for an interview. A couple of days later, I went to the dispensary to meet with the manager. We enjoyed a 15-minute conversation. We talked about marijuana and the rules and laws regarding the plant. We talked about our family and friends. We discussed the job requirements and the expectations. When the interview process was finished, the manager offered me a job. I immediately said yes to the offer. I filled out all of my paperwork and job forms on the same day. I started working at the medical marijuana dispensary a couple of weeks ago. So far, the new job has some really cool perks. I receive a 50% discount on all of the items in the store. I also get first pick when new items come to the shop. Last week we got a shipment of brand new vape pens and every person in the store got one to try for free. The vape pen is a disposable product with distillate oil inside. It had a 99.4% THC rating, which is very high. I felt great all day after trying the disposable vape pen. Getting to try these products first is one perk that I absolutely love.
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