New laws led my husband to being a gardener.

When new laws pertaining to recreational marijuana were passed in our state, my husband suddenly became quite interested in gardening. He had always enjoyed planting flowers and watching them grow. He has planted fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Now, he has decided to grow marijuana plants. I couldn’t believe he was going to plant marijuana seeds for his own use. He smiled and told me that he had grown one when he was young and dumb. Now, he was going to grow a marijuana plant and harvest it legally. I watched as he lovingly planted the seeds. As they began to blossom, he found the perfect place in my garden. I had a blank patch that I didn’t know what to plant, and he found what he said was the perfect plant. I watched as he tended to the tendril. He would pinch off certain parts of the marijuana plant. Then he began to stake out some tendrils and moved the stakes as the marijuana plant grew. Before I knew it, I had the most amazingly green plant. It was spread out six feet from the center of the plant, in every direction. The size of the marijuana plant was huge and it started to glisten in the sun with small amounts of sap dripping from the leaves. My husband was so proud of his marijuana grower skills, that he took pictures of the plant throughout the growing process so he could see the steady process later on. He really was quite a marijuana grower. He told me he had finally found his niche in life, and I just rolled my eyes.

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