One of my favorite cannabis hybrid strains is OG kush

Since I start my shift at 5am everyday, I’m home by the early afternoon.

My evenings start hours before sunset and I’m typically in bed by 8pm.

As you can imagine, I have stressful work days. Unlike my friends and coworkers, I don’t like drinking alcohol to take the edge off. There have been too many alcoholics in my immediate family like my dad, grandfather, and uncle. My grandmother on my mom’s side was also a notorious alcoholic and drank years past being hospitalized for cirrhosis of the liver. With this history in my family, I knew to stay away from alcohol as I got older. It was hard with the peer pressure in college. I had a lot of friends that spent their weekends drunk after a busy work week with classes and assignments. However, I wasn’t against trying marijuana for the first time when a classmate offered some to me when we were hanging out in a group of friends. I had read that marijuana is fairly safe and mostly lacks any addictive tendencies compared to alcohol. A lot of people don’t realize that alcohol is so addictive that you can die from total withdrawal once you’ve reached a certain addiction threshold. Cannabis gives me calming effects without making me feel like I’m drunk. I also love how there are sativa strains, hybrid strains, and indica strains. Since they all tend to have different effects, you can get a bunch of different kinds of cannabis and can expect different results from each strain. One of my favorite hybrid strains is OG kush because it’s mentally stimulating while also being physically relaxing.

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