The cannabis budtender was very kind and well read

As soon as medical cannabis was approved in the state, I started researching healthcare providers that could prescribe the medicine.

  • The government took a long time to certified doctors.

They were surprised that the people overwhelmingly voted for the approval of medical marijuana. It took 18 long months of waiting before I found a doctor that could provide medical marijuana prescriptions. I paid a reasonable fee to meet with the doctor and I only had to see him one time. We discussed my medical reasons for wanting medical cannabis, and the doctor talked with me about possible side effects and dangers. I had to wait ten days before the medical cannabis card arrived in the mail. It felt like two months instead of two weeks. I looked around town for the place with the best first time patient specials. I found the dispensary I wanted to try and I went there the same day that I got my card in the mail. I certainly didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the large double doors. I was scared, nervous, and worried that I would look foolish in front of these people. Thankfully, the budtender assigned to help me was very kind and helpful. She was extremely well read on cannabis products. We talked for a long time about my mental illness. I told the budtender that I needed something for daytime use and also something for night time sleeping as well. She gave me several options to try and all of them were on sale since it was my first time in the store.


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