The doctor couldn't legally prescribe medical marijuana

Each one of those times, I was going to be forced to pay a $250 fee.

When medical marijuana was first legalized, I went to a doctor in town that was supposed to be able to write prescriptions for the medicinal plant. I made an appointment online and I had to pay a fee to schedule the appointment time. I arrived at the time scheduled online and the room was filled with people from one wall to the other. When it was my turn to meet with the doctor, I had to pay the appointment fee of $250 up front, even before I met with the doctor. As soon as I walked in the room, the nurse took my vital signs and my blood pressure. The nurse asked a couple of routine questions. None of them had anything to do with medical marijuana. I met with the doctor about fifteen minutes later. He asked me why I came in for a visit and I politely responded with my request for medical marijuana. That’s when the doctor Informed me that I had to be his patient for a year, before he could legally prescribe medical marijuana. I had to see him 3 additional times throughout the year before he could write a prescription for medical marijuana. Each one of those times, I was going to be forced to pay a $250 fee. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and I even thought it was a scam. I decided not to see that doctor anymore. I later found out that the doctor never had his license to prescribe medical marijuana. He was on the news after being arrested for defrauding more than 1500 people before he got caught.
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