The drink was gross though

Instead, I took a immense gulp as well as then spit it all over our pop table

When I was a child as well as when I got sick, our Dad consistently gave me grape flavored cough syrup. It was supposed to taste good, however it was really disgusting. I could definitely barely swallow the thick syrup. Thankfully, I knew it made me think a lot better; When I got outdated enough to choose our own cold medicines, I never once picked that grape-flavored elixir again. I had not tasted that disappointing flavor in almost 20 long years, although I recognized the disgusting flavor immediately! Unfortunately, the most disappointing taste came from a grape flavored cannabis drink that I purchased for over 35 bucks. The grape flavored cannabis drink had 500 mg of THC. I did not learn from the reviews before I made the purchase. It was on sale in the dispensary on Tuesday, so I decided to try it. I took the grape flavored cannabis drink home with me as well as I simply put it in the freezer to get cold. When it was ice cold, I took it out of the freezer as well as took a really giant drink. I do not know why I did not take a sip. That would have been a much better idea at the time. Instead, I took a immense gulp as well as then spit it all over our pop table. The horrible grape flavored cannabis drink tasted exactly adore the cough as well as cold medicine that our dear old Dad gave me when I was a child. I made sure to tell them how utterly disgratified I was with the product.


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