The grow lights arrived broken in pieces

I ordered some grow lights from a marijuana dispensary and grow supply store.

They were on sale and I wanted to replace some of the grow lights that are broken in the greenhouse.

They didn’t have any grow lights in stock at the time, but they agreed to order three sets at the sale price. I waited 10 days for the marijuana growing supplies to arrive. I was starting to get frustrated, but I was trying to be patient. When we entered the second week, I was happy to see a voicemail from the dispensary. I picked up the marijuana growing supplies, some fertilizer and a couple of new seedlings and I went back to the house. I was only in the car for 30 minutes and I didn’t pass over any large bumps in the road. I didn’t get a chance to open the lights when I got home, because my wife arrived at the same time. It was after dinner when I finally went to the greenhouse to look at the marijuana growing supplies. I was very surprised when I opened the box and the lights were broken and several different pieces. They were not packaged very well for shipment. I expected to see some pieces of styrofoam inside of the box, but the lights were packaged in a few pieces of bubble wrap. I called the dispensary and I told the owner that I wanted a full refund for the items. I had to take everything back to the store, but the owner did refund my money.

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