The new task has some fantastic supplier perks

I got our budtender license in April plus I applied to multiple local cannabis shops.

This state allows both medical plus recreational cannabis sales, and since I already had our budtender license, I knew it would be self-explanatory to find a task at a medical or recreational dispensary, but i interviewed with a couple of different sites.

I chose a dispensary that is only a couple of blocks away from our apartment. I can walk to work instead of driving our car. This saves on gas, maintenance, plus subway fees. It’s also free exercise every morning. The new task has some fantastic supplier perks. The medical plus recreational dispensary allows myself and others to purchase our biweekly limit 1 day each month for 50% off the typical prices. I save an additional $300 every month because I get a discount on the marijuana products. I also have medical benefits plus dental. I want to get braces although I am an adult, but my Dad plus dad did not have the currency to get braces for myself and others when I was younger. My teeth are a little crooked in the front plus I would like to straighten them out. The dental insurance is going to help myself and others pay for the orthodontist. I also have medical insurance that will allow our lady to get the necessary prenatal care that she needs for our unborn child. The best section about the benefits is that they start on the first day that I begin work. There is no waiting period at all. I couldn’t have found the task at a better time.

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