The pen was surprisingly volatile

I bought a new cannabis oil pen maybe a couple of months ago.

I paid $24 for the battery, because I knew it was a truly nice product. My acquaintance bought the same battery as well as she still uses it after about 2 years. The battery charges in 45 minutes as well as it stays charged for just about the entire day. I bought a battery that takes 510 cartridges. The 510 battery cartridge threads definitely are our favorite, because there are so numerous companies that make this single category cartridge. A acquaintance of mine has an odd battery as well as the marijuana cartridges are almost a full $60 each for that battery. I can really find one gram carts for $20 or $30 as they are really high in THC as well as terpenes. I bought a 1 gram Granddaddy Purple cartridge one day for our pen Last year when the local marijuana shop had a sale. All of the cartridges were 35% off, so I bought an indica, sativa, as well as a hybrid. I had the cannabis oil pen in our front pocket when I got into the car last week. I put the pen as well as the cartridge inside the car sunglasses holder in our truck. I totally forgot it was there until today. I noticed a gross, sticky substance on the outside of the sunglasses holder. When I opened the compartment, I saw the mess inside. The marijuana oil cartridge had a crack in the side from the contained heat in the car as well as the sticky oil was all over everything.