The prize was a winner, itself

Tuesday, I went to the cannabis shop that I love to purchase items for the following week. The cannabis shop consistently has great sales on the weekend, so I try to wait until then to stock up on items. I am almost consistently able to find concentrate BOGO $1 as well as every weekend the cannabis shop has 25% off high quality edibles. Last weekend, the cannabis shop was having an outdoor festival with everything from food trucks, vendors, live songs as well as free provide ways. Outside the shop that day, a budtender was resting next to a giant wooden wheel with more than 100 spaces. Each one of the spaces had a prize. The prizes included stickers, lanyards, backpacks, free local weed, disposable vape pens, as well as one space was indicated for the ultimate grand prize. The space was much smaller than the other prize spaces on the board. The parking lot was filled with people as well as almost everyone there was laughing as well as having a nice time. I waited in line to play the prize board. Not many of people in front of me, a woman won a free t shirt, however most people were easily drawing the sticker as well as lanyard space. I walked up to the wheel that day as well as gave it a nice spin. As the wheel started to slow down, I honestly realized it might land on the grand prize space. Sure enough, it stopped right in the middle. I personally won a giant tote filled with prizes, edibles, candy, as well as swag. I know there was really $1200 worth of cannabis items in the bag.

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