They had a breakdown that day

On Tuesday day, I randomly acquired an emergency assistance call from the employer of a marijuana clinic. The little marijuana clinic is on the other side of town, but we repair the entire tri-valley area. The medical marijuana clinic employer was anxious because the media whole-home air purifier they use in the lobby was not entirely working at all. The employer called me, because our own Heating & A/C business is the business that set up the media entire whole-home air purifier in the lobby. We repair the media whole-home air purifier monthly, of course, but I tell all of the buyers to call if there is a concern or an emergency. When the media whole-home air purifier stopped running for them that afternoon, the employer suddenly called for assistance. I sent one of our best repair professionals over to the marijuana clinic to check on the equipment. It only took a few seconds that day for the repair professional to realize that the media whole-home air purifier was totally obstructed. Strangely enough, the employer never checked to see if the component was getting any power. I hated to charge them for a repair call, but our tech had to drive to go to the job. After the professional left, the employer of the marijuana dispensary even called to say thank you. She felt genuinely foolish and silly for calling the repair service when there was no issue at all. I told the man not to worry, because this type of concern really happens all the time. A lot of buyers call a professional even if they might be able to quickly repair the problem. Heating & A/C units can be tricky and problematic.

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