Better perspective with trips to the cannabis dispensary

It’s genuinely odd how life has a way of just rolling along plus you look up every now plus again to find it’s all so odd than what you expected.

Perhaps this is just the lament of a guy in his mid forties who went the corporate route.

And I had the teenagers early, was the coach plus all that stuff. But in doing all of that, I sort of lost sight of who I am as a person. Believe it or not, recreational marijuana is helping me get assume myself a bit better. And maybe that sounds all stupid but it’s genuinely true. I assume I took on roles that I ended up internalizing plus then adopting behavior that just isn’t me. I realized this when a neighbor of mine came through town. Both of us go back even before highuniversity. One afternoon when both of us were out to get coffee, he recommended that both of us stop at the cannabis cafe he had seen online. I genuinely didn’t assume anything about it but it was mere miles from our front door. Both of us got our pop plus our neighbor purchased marijuana edibles for the both of us. Since I was driving, I told him I’d wait til later. Throughout the afternoon, I sort of got gleeful about the edibles. The teenagers were gone plus I ate 1. That evening was sort of an epiphany for me. There was a perspective abruptly that I hadn’t had in decades. I was filled with hope, positivity plus a feeling of being authentic. Since then, I have visited the cannabis dispensary again plus I’m start to see the person I genuinely am.


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