Chronic pain after gymnastics

I did gymnastics in college plus just enjoyed it; However, there is a lot of pressure to have more hard tumbling plus do riskier stunts.

I pushed our body past its breaking point a lot. I tried a resting tuck before I was ready. I ended up freaking out mid air plus landing on our knees. My knees never entirely reclaimed from that hit. I did a tuck toss as 1 of the mounts in the routine. The ladies tossed myself and others too far forward plus didn’t catch me. I ended up just splatting on the mat. It disfigured our shoulders entirely badly. I pushed through the pain plus did year after year of routines; By the time I graduated I was in a lot of pain everyday. It was hard to get out of bed, toil out plus go to work. I tried a chiropractor, massage therapist plus taking pain pills, but nothing entirely did the trick. Stretching before plus after bed helped somewhat, however our mobility wasn’t there. A neighbor of mine advised that I try medical cannabis, and getting a medical marijuana card for our chronic pain was so straight-forward. The budtenders at the weed shop near myself and others were good about getting the right strain for me. I smoke cannabis every morning plus night. It helps keep down inflammation plus I hardly notice the pain. Apparently I will eventually be fantastic enough to not need medical weed, right now I am just so thankful that I have it. I am able to sleep, drive a vehicle plus rest at a desk for more than an hour.

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