Finding a cannabis connect

People say that I live in a bad neighborhood, but I say those people are crazy.

We may be a part of a bigger city, but around here we will feel like our own community.

The reason other people maybe don’t feel welcome here is that we are close-knit, and wary of outsiders. To be honest, most of my friends are senior citizens like me, and they are always wary of teenagers, which this neighborhood has a lot of. I get along with the teens, after all that is the best possible way to get marijuana when I need it. Every teenager in every neighborhood in this country knows someone who sells cannabis, each and every one! The trick is how to get a teenager to acquire marijuana for a senior citizen they barely know? Back in my day we called it a cannabis connect, or a marijuana connect, and we never ever used the terms dealer or seller. A connect was the one who put you in touch with the cannabis supply, but the vernacular was vague for legal reasons. Finally I lost my patience and just waved down a group of teen girls who were hanging out on the corner, and straight up asked them where an old man could get some cannabis. I need marijuana for my glaucoma, I told them, and they all had a good laugh at that. One of the girls had a cousin who sold cannabis from his car, and she gave me his number, so thanks to her I finally have a new cannabis connect.


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