Getting medical marijuana was worth the aggravation

I was more than a little befuddled by all of this.

I never knew what is required to get a medical marijuana card. I thought that once medical marijuana became the law of the land, all doctors could write a prescription. At the genuinely least, I figured specialists such as psychiatrists, therapists, oncologists, as well as even rheumatologists, could write a prescription, however that is not the case. My rheumatologist had to send me to a doctor that could write the prescription for me, as well as all I could do was look at him with the side eye. I told him that was the name of my doctor, as well as my doctor’s eyebrow rose. I couldn’t believe he was not teasing me. In order to get a prescription for medical marijuana for my rheumatoid arthritis, I had to go to a stranger? He nodded, as well as I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My doctor was sending me to a doctor to allow me to use medical marijuana for rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor was a rheumatologist who is not allowed to prescribe medical marijuana, however the stranger doctor could. I was more than a little befuddled by all of this. I headed to the doctor as well as told this complete stranger who had sent me as well as why. He must have heard this before, because all he did was nod and get his RX pad. Since I was already a patient of his, he jotted the prescription and gave me a printout about how to get the medical card needed to purchase legal medical marijuana. I was still a bit shocked over the hoops I had to jump through, however once I was actually able to secure the medical marijuana, my doctor was right about how much relief and benefits it provided to me.


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