Getting used to the cannabis dispensary

Living in the big city is an adjustment, to say the least.

  • I am slowly warming up to it, and enjoying the fact that everything I need is within walking distance.

At the same time, I missed the wide open spaces, the bright starry nights, and the fresh air. There is not a lot of fresh air in the city. Also, the cost of everything is three times higher than where I come from. Cigarettes are twelve dollars a pack, it is absolutely outrageous. I will admit that the stores around here have a much wider selection of cannabis, but those prices are equally outrageous. Where I come from, no one ever really bought or sold marijuana, because everyone had a few plants on their land that they grew and smoked privately. Not only that, but some people take it more seriously and have cloned and regrown several generations of the same cannabis strains. It’s almost like a master class in botany, how seriously some of these farm folk take their cannabis plants. I will admit that the quality of the stuff I get in the cannabis dispensary is of equal grade, usually, but it’s hard to ignore the prices. I am now spending a hundred dollars a week or more for the cannabis I used to get for free, or for the cost of a twelve pack. One thing that I couldn’t get before are quality edibles, so I have been availing myself of the local cannabis bakery to get sweet treats infused to heavy amounts of THC and CBD.

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