Going to different physician to get RX for medical cannabis makes no sense

Friends told me that medical cannabis can help nearly everything I was complaining about.

I had used marijuana when I was a teenager, but that was just to get high almost fifty years ago.

I told my general practitioner that I felt well back then. I didn’t have bad knees or glaucoma. I didn’t have asthma or anxieties. I absolutely didn’t have achy joints that were swollen plus distorted. I must have asked my general practitioner for a prescription for medical cannabis at least many times, but he never obliged me. He consistently said he couldn’t do it. I was aware it was necessary to have a doctor sign a prescription for medical cannabis, plus he was my doctor since I was a kid. If anyone could get me a prescription for medical cannabis, it should be the physician that knows me best, right? I was a bit frustrated that he refused to try the medical marijuana, even though I had researched it a bit. The last time I talked to him, he explained that the arthritis is degenerative. He told me that at the rate it was progressing, I could be using a walker within more than one years. I asked him if medical cannabis could help me. My general practitioner said he was sure it could provide me some relief, but he was not in a position to provide me the prescription. I broke down plus begged. He told me it was that he would not but that he was not allowed. He wasn’t allowed because of hospital policies. At that point, he told me someone else I could see. He said to provide her his name plus tell her about our extreme rheumatoid arthritis. I went to see this perfect stranger who happened to have whatever permission for medical marijuana, and then I began that treatment regimen. He told me that within more than one weeks, I should be have a little relief thanks to the medical cannabis.


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