I already knew the store website was down

I got hit with more than a dozen phone calls from my clients this afternoon, because the website went down for the cannabis dispensary where I work.

I do not just work at this cannabis dispensary.

I am the supervisor and co-owner as well as having been an employee for the past many years. I take great pride in working for this supplier. They treat all of the employees with compassion & understanding. We offer crucial discounts on everything in the store & encourage all of the staff members to freely use marijuana without fear of losing their jobs. Not many months back, the people I was with and I switched to a brand new hosting supplier for our website. We’ve had a few concerns since then. This month the website was down most of the day. Before 9 a.m., I gained more than a dozen unusual calls. I already knew the website was down & I was starting to become uneasy & seriously miserable. I knew the clients had no way to suppose that I already tested out the problem, but I was still frustrated. When the website hosting supplier finally fixed the issue, sales picked up again. Most of the afternoon orders were pick up or walk-ins, but the other employees and I still had a fantastic deal of online orders once the website concern was fixed. Even though our store‚Äôs website was broken until almost noon, the people I was with and I still managed to serve over 250 clients yesterday. Both of us almost set a record for the most clients on a Wednesday. The record is still 302, but that was a 4/20 holiday & one of the greatest sales days of the year.
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