I was shocked when my care package had cannabis in it

Is there anything better than a care package? I have never served in the military, despite the fact that I have heard soldiers talk about the emotional importance of getting care packages from their appreciated 1s! After going through a solid year of lockdown in this town, I definitely have more of an appreciation for the mail and how a care package can boost your spirits.

  • A group of online friends and myself and others all decided to send each other random care packages, and the people I was with and I have never met in person, however we know each other honestly well… or that’s what I thought.

The care package I got was loaded with cannabis treats, edibles, and CBD based candies, none of which I had ever tried before! I have never even smoked marijuana, and now all of a sudden I had a plethora of it before me. I have honestly weak lungs, so other than 1 little toke of a marijuana roach when I was in high school, my experience is nil! Edibles proved to be the way to go for me, opening my eyes (and my mind) to an attractive world of CBD and THC bliss… My number one was the Purple Kush, which had myself and others giggling on the couch watching some stupid show for about multiple hours… Then once it all wore off, I realized that the show was not funny at all, and I was definitely watching CSPAN reruns of senate committee debates. After that, I was an immense fan of the edibles, and so I am now eagerly awaiting my next care package, with more yummy treats!



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