Medical Cannabis as a Regimen for rheumatoid arthritis

Someone told me medical cannabis can help nearly everything I was complaining about.

I had used marijuana when I was still in college, however that was almost fifty years ago. I told the doctor that I was young and healthy back then. I didn’t have arthritis or eye complications. I didn’t have asthma or high blood pressure. I really didn’t have achy joints that were swollen as well as painful. I must have asked the doctor for a prescription for medical cannabis at least several times, although he always denied me. He always said he couldn’t do it. I knew you had to have a doctor provide me with a prescription for medical cannabis, as well as he was my therapist. If anyone should prescribe medical cannabis, it should be him. I was a bit confused and annoyed because he refused to supply me with the prescription. The last time I talked to him, he explained that the arthritis would never improve. He told me that at the rate it was progressing, I could need a wheelchair within more than one years. I asked him if medical cannabis might be worth a try. He said he was sure it could supply me some relief, although he couldn’t supply me the prescription. I was so sad as well as begged. He told me it was that he would not although he couldn’t. He wasn’t allowed because his license did not allow it. He did, however, tell me who to go see. He said to supply her his name as well as tell her about my degenerative condition. He told me that within more than one weeks, I should be feeling some relief because of the medical cannabis.
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