Medical mariuana might be fraught with red tape but it is worth it

I never realized that it is quite a runaround to get a medical marijuana card.

I thought that since medical marijuana was legalized, any physician could write a prescription, and most especially specialists would be writing prescriptions as needed.

Specialists such as psychiatrists, therapists, oncologists, orthopedists, could write a prescription, but that wasn’t so. My orthopedist told me the name of a doctor that could write the prescription for me, plus all I could do was look at him like he was pulling my leg. I told him that was the name of our doctor, plus our doctor’s eyebrow went up just a tad. I couldn’t suppose he was serious. In order to get a prescription for medical marijuana for our rheumatoid arthritis, I had to go to see some doctor I had never met? He nodded, plus I was a bit annoyed at the stupidity of it. I couldn’t suppose what I was hearing. My orthopedist was sending me to a someone who had never even taken my temperature so I could get a prescription for medical marijuana for rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor was an orthopedist and his practice did not have a state license for prescribing medical marijuana, but the guy he was sending me to did have that special cannabis license. I was more than a little dazed by all of this. I headed to the doctor plus told them who had sent me plus why. He must have been familiar with this kind of thing because all he did was nod plus go into his file. Since I was his friend’s patient, he jotted the prescription plus told me how to get the medical card needed to purchase legal, medical marijuana. I was still a bit dazed over the hoops that were necessary, but once I got the medical marijuana, my orthopedist was right about how much it helped.


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