Medical weed so I can fly

I recently got a promotion at work that required me to travel! I get super anxious on airplanes.

I start to sweat, panic plus get a little shaky! Unluckyly some of the locations that work wanted to send me to are not straight-forward to drive to.

I had to get over my fear of flying, and there are entirely courses you can take that are supposed to help you. That didn’t work for me. I tried what I called ecstatic pills that my doctor gave me, however all that did was frustrated my stomach plus make flying even worse. I finally decided to deliver medical cannabis a try. That is supposed to mellow you right? Well getting the medical weed prescription was super straight-forward. Then the budtenders in the cannabis dispensary were harshly nice plus informative. I didn’t care if I was high out of my mind, I just needed to be able to sit on a plane without freaking out. The budtender got me a vape plus cannabis oil, then she told me to vape in the designated smoking areas of the airport right before my flight. She said that technically I could smoke in a bathroom without any worry. It is just vapor that is going into the air. Then I could get myself nice plus high before I board the plane… By the time the oil kicks in, the plane will be taking off. I have tried it only once plus it was a game changer. I think I hit the weed a little much because I was super loose plus ecstatic. I will learn what my threshold is though.

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