My parents found the weed that I had in my bedroom

I spent a year in college and then I decided to come home.

I was failing three of my classes and I didn’t think college was that answer for me.

While I was in college, I I was living in another state. This state has legal recreational marijuana laws. While I was there, I had access to legal recreational marijuana. When I decided to come home after college, I brought legal recreational marijuana with me. I had a small stash of marijuana flower and a couple of grams of marijuana concentrate. Everything was in my bedroom at home. I was staying with my mom and dad for a couple of months until I could find a really good job. My mom thought she would be really nice, and she decided to clean up the floor in my room. While she was cleaning, she came across a paper bag filled with my weed supplies. She thought it was trash and she planned to throw it in the garbage. She decided to look in the bag first, just to be safe. She found all of the marijuana supplies and paraphernalia. When I came home from work later that afternoon, she had the bag sitting on the kitchen table. She was really mad and she looked angrier than I ever saw her in the past. She told me that I had to leave or throw away everything in the bag. She didn’t want drugs in her house. I tried to explain that I bought everything legally, but she didn’t want to hear any excuses.



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