Side Effects gone after treating anxiety with cannabis

My impression was that marijuana could only be used to ease pain or to get you high.

I never considered how marijuana could be treatment for odd diseases as well as mental illnesses.

After finishing high school, I needed a job to help spend my money for expenses for going to college. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to walk into a job in a medical marijuana dispensary. I put in my application thinking they would not even call me, however they hired me without delay. I had to take courses on how to distinguish odd marijuana. I had to learn the difference between CBD as well as THC, as well as how to use various CBD products. I also had to learn the strains effect the body. I found out that some strains of marijuana will induce sleep, while others could make you jolly as an elf. The most amazing thing I l acquired was how several chronic conditions every one of us could ease with the use of medical marijuana products. They dealt with the pain as well as nausea that results from cancer through the use of medical marijuana. Using marijuana products would probably be able to lessen my sisters’ anxieties. She had been coping with anxieties as well as ADHD ever since she was old enough to talk. When she was really young, the anxiety came out as anger as well as temper tantrums, however once she got older, the doctor told us she has ADHD and is anxious. He had been treating her with medications that made her foggy brained, as well as she never wanted to do anything. With medical marijuana, we were able to treat her with fewer side effects.

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