Sudden onset panic attacks helped when I tried medical marijuana

I used to have panic attacks that would come one so suddenly that I didn’t even feel them coming on.

It got to the point that I was afraid to do anything or go anywhere, because I wasn’t aware when a panic attack was going to happen.

If you’ve never had a panic attack, let me tell you something about it. Suddenly your heart pounds. Your head is pounding to match the pounding in your chest plus you can feel everything inside tighten. Your body heats plus you feel you may actually explode on passersby. There is this feeling of impending doom plus you can’t shake it. Usually, the panic attack only lasts for several hours, but they are horrible. I lost our work because they found me terrified in my office, trying to get away from almost everyone, when a particularly extreme panic attack came out of nowhere. I went to our therapist plus told him I needed this to end. I was ready to provide up plus die. He had tried all bizarre medications. He said he had been thinking about offering 1 more treatment. It was less orthodox than traditional medicine, but he was willing to give it a go if I agreed. He provided me a prescription for medical marijuana. I was kind of surprised when I thought about the paperwork I had to do to get the medical marijuana card, but he agreed to help me with all of it. Not long after, I stood in the medical marijuana dispensary picking out our first marijuana products. I didn’t guess I was going to see any improvement until a little over more than one weeks after I began medical marijuana. I was sitting at the table 1 day plus realized it had been a week or more since I had suffered a panic attack.

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