The delivery driver was gross & covered in sweat

She told us that her car broke down on the way to our house.

My bestie Pat & I ordered some cannabis items from our local dispensary that has delivery services. It was a Monday night & I knew it was going to take a while, so Pat and I ordered before lunch time. I was hoping that Pat and I would acquire our cannabis items before the lunch rush. Pat wanted to get some RSO syringes, edible chocolate treats, & vape pens cartridges, & I ordered many of my usual types of marijuana concentrates. When the lady called us back to verify our order & give us the total, I was a little surprised that all of our items were currently in stock. Most of the time at least one or many items need to be replaced. The budtender informed us that our delivery was stressed to leave the store within the minute. I expected to see the delivery girl before 7pm, but that time came & went easily rapidly. At half past seven, the driver finally rang my doorbell, then she was covered in sweat & she looked flushed. The girl apologized for running so late with the cannabis delivery. She told us that her car broke down on the way to our house. The girl had to walk a mile to get someone to pick him up, because her phone was back at the pot shop. I felt bad for the girl after hearing the story & I decided to double the tip I already had allotted for the delivery driver. Even though it took awhile to get our items, everything in the bag was accurate. Even the free pre rolled joint was at the bottom of the bag.
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