The girl had been seeing myself and others the whole time

I use medicinal cannabis for a couple of very unusual medical reasons… First of all, I have a terminal illness that gives myself and others a constant amount of pain & inflammation.

I never assume I will feel well & it’s absolutely strenuous to try and eat.

I barely have any appetite, and only cannabis helps me. I also have a ton of anxiety & PTSD from a childhood trauma. All of these grave concerns allow myself and others to freely access & purchase medical marijuana from any number of quality dispensaries located around town. One of our number one products to buy is the marijuana flower. I can get it cheap on Sunday days. A dispensary in town offers small buds and marijuana flowers for super cheap prices. This Sunday & the day that I gained our monthly SSI check came on the same day, so I stocked up & got our max for the day. I left the medicinal marijuana dispensary & headed over to the grocery store to pick up a few items. I left my bag under the seat & it was not in view at all. Still, someone busted our window when the people I was with and I were in the 15 minutes that I was inside the grocery store. I only purchased some dog food, toilet paper, milk, & cereal. When I came out of the store, our window was busted & all of my marijuana was gone from the car. I wanted to yell & scream & call the police, but the parking lot didn’t use cameras & nobody saw anything. Someone must have been studying myself and others the whole time. They may have even followed myself and others into the store.

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