A trip to the cannabis dispensary aids in my cancer fight

Even though I was still reeling from hearing the word cancer coming from my doctor, I still have a vivid memory of that moment. I guess we all tend to catalogue certain moments in our lives. One thing I remember very clearly was the doctor emphasizing the importance of medical marijuana. It’s weird the things that we remember and hang onto. But my doctor was very clear that I needed to take advantage of having legal access to cannabis products. He even gave me something that spelled out how to get a medical marijuana card. I took him at his word and I’m glad I did. The rest of it went so fast that had I not got the cannabis regulations stuff started, I might not have had access to the cannabis products that help me. And my doctor was totally right about the importance of medical marijuana in my treatment. This was obvious after my first chemo treatment. I used the cannabis flower products in order to minimize the nausea. The cannabis products worked for that. Medical marijuana also helped me to have an appetite when otherwise, I would not have been able to eat. But I’m also finding that medical marijuana is helping me relax and take the long view on all of this. I’m not in a panic but rather have a perspective of doing all I can do is all I can do. And that may be the biggest medical marijuana benefit for me thus far. There is a ways to go but things are going to plan as far as the doctors are concerned. They tell me I should be hopeful. With medical marijuana, I have been hopeful from the very beginning.


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