All creative with cannabis

There was a time in my life when my art was my focus and only love.

I even started out in college as a straight up art major.

Sadly, I allowed parents, relatives and others to get in my ear. I changed my major to computer design so I could get a superb task. Well, I did just that and I have been working for nearly seven years at that task. A recent trip to the cannabis dispensary has me looking at things a bit uniquely. When I was in school, me and several of my classmates enjoyed recreational marijuana. Not only was it a superb decompresser from school but using cannabis also was a superb motivator. A neighbor came into town who uses sativa and indica products and invited me to get something for myself. I chose an edible hybrid strain. And that night, I had a bit of an awakening. While I am thankful to have my task and the superb living it provides, I just don’t enjoy the trade off. There has been a burst in my heart since I abandoned my passion. I saved half the hybrid strain edible for the next day. And I felt even more strongly that I wanted to pursue my dream. Due to that trip to the cannabis store, I was able to task out a deal at work. I’ll maintain my task for now but they will help me go back to school to earn an MFA in the field arts that I have longed to be a part of. So it appears I’ll even be able to advance my work while doing what I certainly have wanted to do for a long time.

Cannabis edibles