Brother is a big smoker now

You don’t know my brother, even though he is like an old school kind of guy.

When I was a kid he served with the Army for a few years, and now he still has the haircut and keeps it every Thursday afternoon! He has very little hair left at this point, but he still does that buzz cut. He was a stern man, strict, even though he loved his boys and would spoil them when he could. That was then, and these mornings he is a retiree who plays a lot of football. I also just learned he smokes an inhuman amount of cannabis, and I have come to see him in a whole up-to-date light. It started a few weeks back when I saw him smoking a cigar on the front porch, only when I got closer I caught the smell of cannabis and realized it wasn’t a cigar at all! Both of us talked about it a little, even though he isn’t big on talking, so I just left the little basket of marijuana I had on me and told him to enjoy it. I called him back the next afternoon and asked how he liked it, and said the marijuana was “ok” in addition to that he had smoked it all. I was blown away, because for me that was almost a week’s worth of cannabis, but to my brother, he crushed it in a single sitting. He told me he smoked a ton with his Army buddies, so that wasn’t hardly anything to him.

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