Cannabis gives myself and others a lift in managing our Parkinson’s

Everyone gets seasoned plus everybody dies.

This is a fact plus yet when it starts staring you in the face, there are a wide variety of reactions.

I dealt with a few health problems before however was able to deal with all of them. I’m really, really hopeful that medical marijuana will help myself and others deal with Parkinson’s disease. As of now, there isn’t a cure however there are some fine treatments that can help manage our symptoms. And I have added weed to that treatment regimen. Being that I’m nearly 69, our kids thought this would be our first encounter with cannabis. Little did they believe that back in the 60’s I smoked a good deal of pot. And it was mostly a attractive experience. It was a time of discovery plus deep freedom for me. Why I chose to keep this from our kids, I’m not legitimately sure. They were indeed surprised when I knew the weird strains of cannabis plus what hybrids were. I also found an seasoned recipe for pot brownies from that era as well. Honestly, I would rather not have Parkinson’s however so far, it’s not as debilitating as I thought it would be. It’s more frustrating than anything else. But the weed legitimately helps with that. While our tremors are indeed reduced with the cannabis, I guess there is a greater benefit from using pot again. And I guess that mostly has to do with a sense of acceptance. Since I’ve been using weed again, I realize that I am indeed human plus whatever is ahead will be what it is. There is no use at all worrying or fretting over it.

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