Cracking down on pot farming

The local cops have started using newer gear, as well as almost everyone is worried.

  • They should be worried! The cops have been cracking down on illegal pot farming recently, as well as in their journey to destroy it all, they have started using these small planes.

They only have many small planes, to our understanding, but they have been sending them up over the local forests looking for sure signs of marijuana farms. Around here, there are a lot of places, our space is sort of famous for our local cannabis strains. Thankfully it is easier to deal with a component than a person, so both of us will try as well as utilize new gear to protect our marijuana crops from being molested. It’s silly that the local marijuana problem needs a tech expert to help us craft effective defenses. There is a reason for this, with small planes being used to deliver marijuana as well as other substances in big areas around the world. When the police fought back by getting their own drones, the marijuana problem just got updated their drones to the “suicide pilot” mission. Seriously, they would trigger a small shock charge in the plane that would destroy it, and the other drone. This may seem like a bunch of money as well as trouble to protect a few marijuana plants, but both of us are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product. When I said this space was sort of famous for its locally grown cannabis, I was not joking. The local marijuana problem is a big cash operation, as well as there is no way many planes are going to slow them down.


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