Edible Marijuana for Social Anxiety

My task requires myself and others to be out in the field, talking with clients, and sharing modern products with them; I love my task in the pet food industry, however, I tend to recognize some anxiety when talking to modern people, especially if it’s many people in one day. I used to take anti-anxiety medication, however it left myself and others feeling groggy, and unable to be myself around clients, which was hurting my sales numbers! Recently, I tried edible THC to deal with my anxiety. I went to a local cannabis dispensary and spoke with the budtender about my task and my symptoms, then he advocated some THC capsules that were of a low dosage he even advocated that I start with half, to see how they affected me; The next Tuesday, I took half of a pill many hours before I had to meet with my first account. I went about my day as normal and when it was time to meet with the purchaser I didn’t recognize like I was high, however I did notice that I wasn’t as anxious as I would normally be when meeting and talking with a purchaser like that, especially when this was such an crucial account. The rest of my day was as relaxed as that, and around lunchtime, I decided to take the other half of the pill. Edible marijuana helps to get rid of my anxiety, and lets myself and others be relaxed around clients, which helps myself and others to have smoother conversations with them, and ultimately helps myself and others do my task better. If you deal with social anxiety, head to your local cannabis dispensary today to see if edible THC is right for you!



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