How much marijuana do you smoke on a normal day?

I have always wanted a place on the beach, and now I have it.

It isn’t my dream house, in fact it is a small cabin near the water with one bedroom, one bathroom, and one main room that serves as a kitchen and a living room.

The important thing is that it is right on the water, in a town I love. One day I will upgrade to a bigger house hopefully, but in the meantime I am trying to enjoy every day living the dream. I like to surf, I like to cook, and I like to smoke a lot of cannabis. Usually I surf and cook while smoking said cannabis, which serves as a baseline for my entire existence. If I would give up the marijuana for a few months, it would be easy for me to put together the money for a new place. But there is absolutely no chance of that happening, I start off every day with cannabis and don’t know any other way to start a day! Food and coffee? No thank you, I’ll twist my Sativa into a little pin joint to wake up my mind before I hit the surf! At night I am a short order cook, and a damn good one, but I stick with the job because I can use marijuana while doing it. Well, not while I am at the grill, of course, but in between tickets my boss is cool with my popping into the alley for a little cannabis smoke break. It’s not much, but it’s a nice life.



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