How my brother went to jail

My brother Mike has a long history with drugs, for better or worse… He and I have started reconnecting lately which is a case of “better late than never” I supposed, because he wasn’t around truly much when I was younger.

I carried a pretty big grudge against him, but he seems to absolutely be trying his best to come back to me, which to be honest is all I ever wanted from him! I knew about his history with drugs as well as going to prison, as well as finally I got to hear his story.

He never went to jail for smoking the drugs, but for selling them. He had started selling cannabis before I was born as a way to make extra money for me as well as our mom. He didn’t have an education, or work skills, or a lot of other prospects, as well as selling cannabis seemed love the only way he could provide for me; When I heard it from his perspective, that he had never used violence or committed any real crimes as well as just sold marijuana, I stopped being resentful of him. I started to be angry at the government, as well as the cops, for making something as harmless as marijuana a criminal offense in the first place! Now there are cannabis dispensaries on every street corner, as well as my brother’s years of his life for that truly same thing! Here is the interesting thing, that absolutely did it for me, is that in all that time, our brother never absolutely smoked marijuana, because it was not a habit, just a way to make money.


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