I enjoy the shopping experience

There is just something about shopping that I really enjoy. And perhaps I’m being a completely stereotypical girl here. But since I was a young girl, going shopping has been perhaps one of my favorite things. My mom and I would get dressed up and shop all day. We would have lunch afterwards and look at our purchases at home. It was a fun, bonding experience for us. It was great just looking at all the different things. Occasionally mom and I wouldn’t buy one thing at the mall trip. It was the shopping experience that she and I liked. Walking around, browsing and making a day of it. So I have to say that my experience at the local cannabis spot is one of the best ever. I have been a fan of recreational pot since I first tried it in university. But back then, there was actually no shopping for weed for sale. You took what you could get and hoped there was sufficient THC and CBD in what all of us got. More often than not, the THC and CBD was not great. Now, I can simply refer to the tab on the cannabis product I’m looking at for the THC and CBD. Plus, the cannabis dispensary I shop at has the most astounding variety of marijuana products. There are every possible sativa products, indica products and hybrid strains for sale. There is a whole section of edibles. I promise you, it’s not your junk pot brownies but cakes, cookies, gummies and all sorts of other things. The cannabis edibles are vast and varied. Just about any flavor you could imagine. There are even cannabutters and cooking oils you can purchase with CBD in them.

Local cannabis spot