Love that new cannabis cafe

I am not well known for trying new things.

When I find something I care about I stick with it.

My first car in high school was a cavalier, and I drove that thing for more than seven years. When it finally quit, you know what car I purchased next? That’s right, I purchased another cavalier, because I knew I could depend on it. I rarely try new foods, or go to places I have never been before (at least, not on my own) however recently I found something new that I entirely adore. It is a cannabis cafe, and they offer a whole selection of baked good and savory dishes that are infused with cannabis oils and flower. They have a special Green Tea that filtered hot water through cannabis leaves instead of tea leaves, and it is amazing! Usually they have a limited menu of 4 or 6 entrees, as well as a selection of sweet treats, with every single dish infused with cannabis flavor and high THC levels. The goal isn’t to just get you high, it is to fill your tummy with delicious high-end food, and also get you high at the same time. It isn’t low cost, however the service is good and every bite is jammed with cannabis, so to myself and others it is well worth the money! When you check out, they constantly supply you a small gift basket with cannabis edibles as a small bag which is a nice touch. I encourage you all to get out, support your local cannabis shops, and if at all possible go check out this cafe!

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