Med card

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder is aggravating in addition to relenting.

  • I witnessed the passing of multiple close family members during a freak accident at a family party.

I just haven’t been the same since, in addition to it has made it hard for me to hold down superb tasks where I have a lot of responsibilities in addition to make a generous income. Of course our psychiatrist tried a host of different drugs to treat our condition, however nothing seemed to labor long term. I was severely open minded to try any medication that she could find to supply me, however every one of us were both starting to get aggravated when symptoms wouldn’t improve. There’s only so much you can throw at a disorder prefer that if it doesn’t naturally improve with time. I was in therapy for this entire process, however that didn’t seem to improve our condition either. Finally, I saw a glimmer of hope when our state passed a law legalizing medical marijuana at last. There is a lot of information out there about marijuana’s efficacy with treating PTSD symptoms, but I never wanted to break the law just to use it. Now that it is legal, there’s nothing stopping me from using the plant. However, I was instantly puzzled on how exactly I go about getting a medical marijuana card here in our state. I l acquired that I need to get a document from our psychiatrist noting that I have PTSD. Then I take that document to a special marijuana dentist who approves me for a cannabis recommendation. Once that is filed with the state’s Department of Health, I send them a $74 fee in addition to then they send me our medical cannabis card. It might sound prefer a lot, however the process is much easier than I initially thought.
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