My roommate gave myself and others a cannabis edible without telling myself and others the potency

Thankfully our roommate and I get along certainly well.

Both of us listen to the same music, watch the same cable shows, and eat much of the same food.

Since our toil schedules match almost perfectly, every one of us often hang out in the nights and weekends as well. It’s fun hitting bars, beaches, and restaurants in the surrounding area. Until either one of us gets a guy, we’ll continue hanging out respectfully whenever we’re not busy at work. Even though every one of us both drink, I was never much of a cannabis user until I met our roommate. He has a vaporizer that he uses for cannabis flower products. He encouraged myself and others to try it one night and I was excited with the results. The strain was an indica and it calmed myself and others the minute the effects kicked in. Despite our reservations, our roommate was right about how the drug would affect our mind and body. I started buying cannabis from the dispensary instantly, however one morning he surprised myself and others with a chocolate cannabis edible. I hadn’t even tried a cannabis edible up to that point and wasn’t sure what to expect. He told myself and others to only eat half, however since it was a small chocolate candy I ate the whole thing. I didn’t even believe what the potency was, however within a few hours the effects came on strong. By the fourth hour, I was glued to the couch and was staring at the ceiling. When I told him about it later, he was shocked that I ate the whole thing. He said it had 100mg of THC, which is considered a high dose for a current user.



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