My Sativa cannabis is what keeps me going

I have basically always wanted a locale on the beach, plus now I truly have it.

It isn’t my dream house or anything. In fact it is a small residence near the water with 1 dining room, 1 powder room, plus 1 main room that serves as a living room plus an entertainment area. The substantial thing is that it is on the water, in a town I thoroughly enjoy. Eventually, I will upgrade to a bigger residence hopefully, but in the meantime I am trying to appreciate every single moment residing the dream. I care about surfing, I care about cooking, plus I care about smoking a sizable amount of cannabis. Usually I surf plus cook while smoking said cannabis, which serves as a baseline for my complete existence. If I would choose to give up the marijuana for a little while, it would be entirely straightforward for me to put together the cash for a new locale. Of course, there is no actual chance of that happening, I start off every morning with cannabis plus don’t know any other way to get going for the day! Food plus coffee? No thank you, I’ll roll my little pin joint to wake up my mind before I make my way to the surf! During the evening I am a short order cook, plus a fairly amazing one. I basically stick with the task because I can regularly enjoy my marijuana while doing it. Well, not while I am working the grill, of course, but in between tickets my boss doesn’t have an issue with my popping into the alley for a little cannabis smoke break. It’s not such a major thing, but it’s a nice life.

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