The cannabis dispensary menu is updated minute by minute throughout the day

When the pandemic started, it became almost impossible to order home exercise equipment off the internet. Gyms across the country were closed overnight and suddenly every active person turned to equipment and machines they could use in their own homes. My best friend was a gym fanatic and was devastated when his fitness center closed in early 2020. He immediately hit the internet and was further dismayed when he realized that all of the stores were sold out of everything related to home fitness. Eventually he found a forum that was devoted to finding these products whenever they are available, and it quickly became a game of having to refresh the page every other minute during the entire day. If you were lucky, you might have three seconds to add a product to your cart before someone else snatched it right from your grasp. As bad as this was for gym equipment, it is even worse right now with the marijuana dispensaries and their online menus. At first it was medical marijuana flower buds that were so difficult to purchase from the cannabis store. They would get new jars in and they would be sold in a matter of minutes. Now that cannabis flower products are so easy to come by, it’s high quality cannabis concentrates like live rosin and terpene sauce that are a lot harder to find whenever you want them. You have to go to the cannabis dispensary menu online and keep refreshing the page all day until the product you want is available. If you get your order in quick enough, the dispensary will put the product aside for you ahead of your arrival.


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