The cause of my pollen irritations was underneath my house

During the Last Spring season, I started experiencing bad dust sensitivity symptoms, i felt love I was consistently sneezing, my throat and eyes were so itchy, and every afternoon I was waking up with completely stuffed and swollen sinuses.

I was trying to use all the various medicines I could acquire over the counter, and even prescription medications, but my symptoms still weren’t diminishing… My partner May noticed that my symptoms seemed to be worse when I was in my home, so May vacuumed everything, dusted everything, changed the air conditioner filter and scrubbed all the vents, however May even bought a special shampoo for our dog just in case my reaction was coming from him, but nothing seemed to work, one afternoon, our Heating and Air Conditioning worker came out to do some maintenance and conduct an inspection of our system, and while in the narrow section underneath my house, the worker noticed that a single of the ducts had become disconnected from the system, and that the air was being drawn from directly beneath the house, and not going through the filter, however the Heating and Air Conditioning worker explained the problem to me, then went to his truck to get some tools and went back under the condo to fix our problem.

I could tell when the HVAC duct was linked again because my whole condo immediately stunk like mud and dirt, and in that moment, I finally realized where my dust sensitivity concerns were stemming from! I changed my air filter, and the next afternoon I woke up feeling better than I had in 6 months! It seemed love overnight, all of my pollen irritations had disappeared. Now I am sure to get my Heating and Air Conditioning system worked on respectfully so that I never have to contend with that again.

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