The great summer break with weed

Summer break 4 years ago was absolutely the best time of my life.

I spent a full summer at the beach, getting wild every single night and soaking up sun in the water every single day.

I had our buddies with me, all of us were single and wanted to have as much fun as all of us could before going back to college to finish our last year. Because the tired beachside neighborhood only gets tied up during summer break, the local police have a real relaxed attitude towards the tourists. They have one cannabis store, but as of yet don’t have recreational use legalized… except for summer break. During this time, as a way to prop up the local area, marijuana laws are not regulated, nor are open container liquor laws. It is like the wild west, with beers flowing and people walking around blazing fat joints of cannabis, so is it any wonder I had an epic time? Here is where the story turns, however, because after summertime ends the police start enforcing those cannabis laws again. I stayed later than everyone else, because I didn’t want it to end, and I went to the beach to sit and smoke weed and watch the sun set. I spent that night in jail, and the only reason they didn’t prosecute me for cannabis possession was because the local magistrate was on a trip and it was too much trouble to keep me. They escorted me out of town, and I was just thankful that they didn’t search our car and find all the other marijuana I had!


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