A Full Night’s Sleep is the Goal

I was having a miserable time going to sleep plus staying asleep.

  • I talked to my doctor, who recommended sedatives.

I already knew what sedatives were. I had been taking OTC sedatives for as long as I could remember. Other than making me feel prefer I was walking in a hazy world all afternoon long, they did allow me to go to sleep, but I still only slept about half as long as normal. I was a walking dish rag the rest of the time. He told me there other sedatives that may help plus he started giving me samples to see if any of those options would be suitable. Some of them helped me actually fall sleep, plus I didn’t have any different reactions the next afternoon. After a while, though, I was back to waking up halfway through the night. He thought maybe I could get some assistance by seeking the consultation of a psychologist. I went to a psychologist who, after 2 months, talked to me about hypnotherapy. The psychologist decided to use hypnotism on me, and to my surprise, it did help a little. I relaxed more than I had been able to for as long as I could remember. She taught me how to do self-hypnotism so I could treat myself at home. The psychologist then suggested to me that I should get a medical marijuana card. She told me that using self-hypnosis as well as medical marijuana, I may get the required amount of sleep every day. She told me she was going to give me a prescription for Indica marijuana; I learned it has more CBD plus less THC. She said that if I would take the marijuana as prescribed and also remember the medical marijuana, I would most likely be able to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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