But, I’m not a woman.

My child had suffered from seizures his entire life.

  • The nurse said that once he went through puberty the seizures should stop, but he was wrong.

He had a seizure on his first date, and lost his license until he was numerous years clear of having another seizure. Every one of us knew this wasn’t going to happen, so the people I was with and I began to push for some help. The medication he was taking was not helping. The neurologist told us that he had been reading how medical marijuana was proving to be a giant help for people with epilepsy. My child turned to me, but he didn’t ask. He told myself and others he wanted to try medical marijuana and asked how he got the medical marijuana cardi? The nurse explained the entire process to us, about how to get the medical marijuana card. Once the people I was with and I got through the online questionnaires, the people I was with and I were finally given a attach for the list of nurses in our area. I expected a list, however all I got was a single name. My child just looked at myself and others with a horrified look on his face. I almost burst out laughing. The only name on the list was that of a female Ob/Gyn. He shook his head and kept repeating that he is not a woman. I didn’t care what the nurse specialized in, she was still a medical physician who was able to prescribe medical marijuana for our son. It took us a couple of weeks to get an appointment. Three weeks after the appointment, he had his medical marijuana card in hand, and I had our caretaker ID since he wasn’t yet twenty-one.



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