Dog marijuana reduced pain near end of life

Our dog has knee joint problems plus is in drastic pain all the time.

  • I couldn’t figure out how to help.

He could no longer walk without yelping. Last month, I took him to the veterinarian. My vet told me I might have him euthanized, but I couldn’t do that to my boy. I have had him since I was knee high to a grasshopper. The people I was with and I grew up as a team. She told me every one of us had another alternative. I could not cure the dysplasia, but I could help with the pain. She said I should provide him marijuana tincture, or wrap the marijuana pills in cheese so he could digest it. It surprised me that the veterinarian would advocate marijuana for an animal. I didn’t feel they offered it to creatures, however marijuana was an excellent option. I would rather give my baby marijuana than allow him to suffer. The doctor said it would probably provide him with a couple months of an unbelievable life that he wouldn’t be able to have without the marijuana. She also told me that by easing his pain, I could also come to accept the fact that he was nearing the end of life. I got the marijuana for my good buddy plus offered him his first dose as soon as I arrived home. After a couple of mornings, I saw my best friend was moving a bit easier, but I reminded myself that marijuana was not curing the problem. My buddy would not last much longer, plus I saw the proof of that when he began having other problems.


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